Namdrol Ling Study Group is a group devoted to cultivating wisdom and compassion through the study and practice of Tibetan Buddhism and meditation classes in Miami, Florida.

” Like molding dough in your hand, you can definitely turn your mind whichever way you want.” Lama Zopa Rinpoche


Welcome to Namdrol Ling Study Group. We are a Tibetan Buddhist group located in Miami Beach, FL, founded in October 2015 to offer classes on Meditation techniques and the philosophy of Buddhism. We are delighted to be able to be part of a worldwide organization (FPMT) that is dedicated to spreading the Dharma (the teachings of the Buddha) to as many beings as possible.

Buddhist or non-Buddhist, it does not matter, the practice is what is important! You don’t need to change your religious beliefs to adopt this philosophy of love, kindness, compassion, wisdom and gratitude; and to rid yourself of all the negative emotions like jealousy, anger, dissatisfaction, and attachment. Let’s do it together and help each other achieve a little more contentment everyday. Rid yourself of clouds that cover your mind and let your light shine.

“One thing about Buddhism is that it’s very simple and practical in that it explains logically how satisfaction comes from the mind, not from some kind of supernatural being in whom you have to believe. Therefore, if you want true peace, happiness and joy, you need to realize that happiness and satisfaction come from within you and stop searching so fanatically outside. You can never find real happiness out there. Whoever has?”- Lama Thubten Yeshe.

What is Meditation?

Tibetan for meditation (gom) has the literal meaning of “familiarization.” Familiarity means habitual patterns of thought and behavior. In meditation we seek to become more familiar with the positive and less familiar with the negative, more familiar with what brings happiness and satisfaction in life and less familiar with what brings suffering and unhappiness. In Buddhism, the real purpose of meditation is to transform the mind by gradually decreasing the negative/harmful aspects and increasing the positive/beneficial aspects, bringing greater peace and satisfaction in life.  (extract from FPMT meditation 101 course)

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Meditation Classes


Quieting the Mind Retreat, our gratitude to Venerable Amy Miller

Quieting the Mind, the first retreat lead by Venerable Amy Miller in South Florida was of much benefit! We rejoice and are so grateful to Venerable Amy, the volunteers and [...]

Children’s class: How to develop a happy mind by Ven. Amy Miller

Thank you Ven. Amy for a wonderful children's class with lot's of amazing tools to practice and be of benefit.

Rejoicing in Geshe Tenley’s visit to Miami!

Thank you so much Geshe Tenley for your kindness and generosity in visiting Namdrol Ling Study Group! Geshela gave teachings for children and adults about everyday dharma and transforming [...]

So grateful to Don Handrick!

It was a great honor to have Don Handrick for 3 days at NLSG. We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to receive such great insights on working with fear, adopting [...]

Thank you Kadampa Center for an amazing Family Camp!

Our most sincere thanks to Kadampa Center for organizing such a beautiful family camp during the LOP retreat. The children had a wonderful time learning about the six perfections, sharing activities and meeting with Lama [...]


You are invited to make a single donation or become a member with a recurring monthly donation to support our group and programs. While Dharma is given freely and no one is turned away for the lack of funds, NLSG relies entirely on donations to cover costs of administration, materials, etc. Offerings are not a payment for goods or services rendered; it is given freely from the heart. Your kind donation is a gift that supports not just the teachers but also the Sangha and your practice. Thank you so much for your generosity.
Namdrol Ling Study Group is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All monetary donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.
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