monk prayingMeditation

Meditation 101

This program is an introductory course on basic Buddhist meditation techniques for complete beginners. It teaches basic Buddhist meditations that can be used by anyone to create more peace and happiness in daily life. Meditation 101 is presented in five sessions and covers these basic Buddhist meditation techniques:

  • what is meditation?
  • meditation posture and arranging the body
  • purposes and benefits of meditation
  • different skills that are used in meditation and useful in daily life
  • the difference between meditation and relaxation
  • two main types of meditation – analytical and stabilizing
  • obstacles to meditation and their antidotes
  • setting up a meditation session
  • advice for establishing a long-term meditation practice
  • using the benefits of meditation in everyday living
  • meditation practice
  • breathing meditations such as counting the breath and nine-round breathing
  • mindfulness meditations such as scanning the body, bare attention, mind like the sky, and mind like the ocean
  • visualization meditations such as body of light, purification with light
  • analytical meditations such as meditation on equanimity, and transforming negative experiences into positive

Continuous Meditation

In this program everyone is invited to continue to lay the foundation for developing a more even-minded and loving framework of relationship.

a) Continuous Meditation Series 201 various topics

b) Continuous Meditation Series 1 various topics (i.e. Patience, Disadvantages of Anger, OM AH HUM, Clear Light Nature of the Conventional Mind, etc.)

c) Continuous Meditation Series on Compassion (i.e. Body of Light, Sounds, Nine Point Meditation on Death, Equanimity Meditation)

d) Continuous Meditation Series 2 on various topics (i.e. Perfect Human Rebirth, Impermanence, Karma, and the Unsatisfactory Nature of Samsara)

e) Visualization Meditation series on various Deities (i.e. White Tara, Manjushri, Vajasattva, Chenrezig)