This program at NLSG will focus in developing the good heart ages 6-12 by exploring fun , creative and meaningful activities as well as meditation techniques (The Key) , Yoga Music (YoMu), Animal flow, mindfulness, and arts and crafts.  Within the Program we will offer Random Acts of Kindness activities in our community to inspire, empower, act and share their knowledge.

Develop The Good Heart

The DTGH (Develop the Good Heart) program's intention is to develop the good heart in children 1st-5th  grade by teaching values and ethics. The name comes after our teacher Lama Zopa Rinpoche's addressing over and over the importance of developing the good heart in children as a means to obtain [...]

Yoga Music (YoMu)

YoMu (YogaMusic) is a unique program that combines the beauty of yoga, meditation techniques, breathing and mindfulness with the power of live music. During the class we explore partner poses, games, rhythm, body percussion and songs to enhance attention, kindness, peaceful emotions, focus, body awareness, communication and trust. Come ready [...]

Animal Flow

Kathy Donatto Animal Flow is a ground-based body weight practice that combines crawling, yoga, martial arts and mimics animal movements. Animal Flow brings us back to our very first movement patterns. You will learn to reconnect with the earth focusing on the flow of energy from the earth [...]

Random Acts of Kindness

NLSG is devoted to develop the good heart within children and adults. We believe that by offering random acts of kindness and giving opportunities to practice this selfless acts, we will be able to spread love and generosity within our community. Imagine a world. Where people look out for each [...]

Public Talks

NLSG's intention is to benefit and spread the Dharma to all sentient beings. We reach out to schools and the community to develop opportunities for public talks when visiting teachers are in town.

Family Fun Days

Develop the Good Heart Family Fun Days hosted by Namdrol Ling Study Group will create the opportunity for children and adults to share time, develop awareness, mindfulness, interconnectedness, community building, creativity and integration. We will include activities such as: Yogamusic, Mandala making, Dream Catcher making, Animal Flow, Mala making, Songs, [...]