Quieting the Mind Retreat, our gratitude to Venerable Amy Miller

Quieting the Mind, the first retreat lead by Venerable Amy Miller in South Florida was of much benefit! We rejoice and are so grateful to Venerable Amy, the volunteers and [...]

Children’s class: How to develop a happy mind by Ven. Amy Miller

Thank you Ven. Amy for a wonderful children's class with lot's of amazing tools to practice and be of benefit.

Rejoicing in Geshe Tenley’s visit to Miami!

Thank you so much Geshe Tenley for your kindness and generosity in visiting Namdrol Ling Study Group! Geshela gave teachings for children and adults about everyday dharma and transforming [...]

So grateful to Don Handrick!

It was a great honor to have Don Handrick for 3 days at NLSG. We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to receive such great insights on working with fear, adopting [...]

Thank you Kadampa Center for an amazing Family Camp!

Our most sincere thanks to Kadampa Center for organizing such a beautiful family camp during the LOP retreat. The children had a wonderful time learning about the six perfections, sharing activities and meeting with Lama [...]

2017 Light of the Path Retreat. Rejoicing!

Grateful for the amazing opportunity to be at Light of the Path retreat organized by Kadampa Center and present offerings to Rinpoche.

Many thanks to Ven. Amy Miller!

Rejoicing in Ven. Amy's two classes with such interesting topics and so much to reflect upon and analyze. Thank you Ven. Amy for keeping us in your schedule. We hope to see you soon!

Thank you Geshe Sherab for your inspiring teachings.

It was a blessing to have Geshe-la a week at NLSG! We hope to see him back soon! Thank you all for joining!

Rejoicing on a beautiful week with Ven. Amy!

We thank Venerable Amy  for coming back to NLSG. We are so happy she was able to teach children at a school and at NLSG. We also we had a very informational and beneficial week [...]

Family Fun Day! So much fun!

Mandalas and interconnectedness was the theme of our first Family Fun Day at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden. Families came together as a community to share Yogamusic, Animal Flow, mandala coloring, dream catcher making, nature [...]

Rejoicing! Visit to Mclamore Children’s House

The Develop the Good Heart children and team had the opportunity to spend time with the children at the Mc Lamore foster home. It was a special Thanksgiving for all of us as we shared [...]

THANK YOU ! Venerable Amy- SKYPE

Three amazing sessions that guided us into having a more meaningful life. Thank you so much Venerable Amy! 🙏🏻 Don't forget you can watch these sessions on our YouTube channel, we hope you enjoy.

A very beneficial weekend workshop by Karuna Cayton!

Fantastic workshop! Great discussions, so much to analyze and question and work on! Tibetan buddhist philosophy and psychology together bringing so much benefit. Unbelievable amount of information to train our minds so that it is not [...]

Thank you Don Handrick!

On behalf of all of us at Namdrol Ling Study Group we want to thank Don for the inspiring, clear teachings on What's so Bad about Complaining? His advice on the effect complaining has on [...]

With much appreciation and love.. thank you Jon Landaw!

Our hearts are filled with so much appreciation, respect and love for a wonderful teacher... Jon Landaw was here the second week in May. His unique style gave us a clear detailed insight on many [...]

Thank you Venerable Tendron!

Ven. Tendron spoke at NLSG in a lovely and lively discussion about Forgiveness and Letting Go. We are so happy and grateful to meet her. We hope she can come back to visit us soon. [...]