• use fusion page builder view; make 2 columns ;  use the first column for the text ; use the second column and insert the “SLIDER”, adding images using their dialogue options
  • you can’t do individual captions, so just make a text box with a “cumulative caption” describing in general – or just add to the text “view photos of this wonderful event on the right” or something like that.
  • if you have a group photo or important one where you want to identify individuals, just add that with the text size as a photo inline with the text (and use the usual caption option there).
  • add the category so it shows up on the home page, etc.
  • add the feature image – just one is needed now; not the series – whatever you add there will show up on the home “gateway” postings as usual

your text here; you can insert a single photo here also if you need a special one with a caption (like a group where you really need to name everyone) but try to avoid that for simplicity – just put everything in the slider and end this part with something like “see photos on the right for [whatever it is about]”