YoMu (YogaMusic) is a unique program that combines the beauty of yoga, meditation techniques, breathing and mindfulness with the power of live music. During the class we explore partner poses, games, rhythm, body percussion and songs to enhance attention, kindness, peaceful emotions, focus, body awareness, communication and trust. Come ready to play, dance and sing.
YogaMusic provides ethnic instruments, books, percussion, sound exploration and original puppets to make each class a one of a kind experience!
This is a typical YoMu Class structure:
Opening: circle with tibetan bell. Mindful listening game is always present.
chanting of names and stretching
Breathing: YoMu utilizes more than 100 breathing techniques adapted to children all ages where the deep breathing becomes a fun active relaxation. Ex: bumble bee breathing, balloon breathing, lion breathing, partner breathing etc. El Maestro Eres Tu Respiremos Juntos offers 104 pages of different options and breathing techniques that will be used during the classes.
Music and Rhythm: Each class introduces a new song, body percussion, instruments explorations and instruments creation. Music is scientifically proven to help better brain connections, improve attention, coordination, calming neurons, promoting happiness. Each class includes lots of dancing and movement.
Closing: meditation and relaxation. Each class also introduces children to new meditations and active meditations. Creation of calming jars, eye pillows, charging water with goodness, meditations with gems, mandala paintings, mandala nature creation, zen gardens. Songs and guided meditations from YogaMusic CD and other sources to close the class. Like I am Very Smart, I choose to be happy, I am peaceful.